Ketosis: Bacon Over Bagels and the paleo diet

bacon vs bagel
What is ketosis, and why do people say eating less carbohydrates will make you skinny?…. make the answer simple.

Ketosis merely means that the body is  using fat for energy. The body will burn fat for energy when it can’t find enough carbohydrates to burn.

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When you eat carbs your body uses them to make glucose. The body uses glucose like a car uses gas; it is what powers you through the day. If you don’t eat many carbs, the body will not have enough glucose from carbs alone to power itself.
So where will the body get the energy it needs? The body will turn to any extra fat it has laying around. As I said before Ketosis merely means that our bodies are using fat for energy. To sum everything up, your body needs to burn something, it will look to burn carbohydrates, if you did not eat enough carbohydrates to power the body it will burn your fat…. Which is nice

carbs killing you